Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Wind that Moves the Clouds

If we want to release a negative emotion then we must not ignore it or run from it. Conversely we don't want to declare war on it either as this only serves to entrench the emotion making it defiant and resistant to change. When our negative emotions dominate our lives it's hard to find release from the polarity of fear to our natural predisposition of Joy.

Negative feelings are our learned emotional responses to situations. We learn to be angry, bitter, sad, hurt and fearful when we perceive that an emotional need has not been met or that we have been unfairly treated. We seek emotional justice for a perceived act that has taken us out of our happiness. Some people seek retribution in blaming other people, they pass judgement on an external variable and in doing so they create emotional discord within themselves. 

How many times have we said to ourselves and others that this person did x, y and z,  therefore this is the reason we are angry, sad, scared, resentful, jealous etc. We nurture and reinforce our negative feelings by holding on to them tightly wishing we weren't so unhappy. Refusing to try an alternative potion we drink the poison of our own negative emotions through that extra glass of wine that turns into a bottle, joint, a donut, smoking, gambling, sex or that Friday night out on the tiles that turns into a Saturday night out and eventually starts on a Thursday.

Negative emotions celebrate our misery and keep us blanketed in fear keeping our backs turned firmly against the Love that radiates just behind our own belief in our own sadness. 

When we surrender to our negative emotions we give them a home in the form of our behaviour which then becomes an automatic response to situations that we teach, practice and reinforce repeatedly; thereby turning it into a habituated response. We don't even know we do it!

How many times have you not tried something done something or gone somewhere because you "knew" you wouldn't like it? How do you know if you won't like something until you confront it. 

Confronting our negative emotions is a challenge that takes us out of our comfort zone and into the void of the unknown. 

Your true radiant Loving self is like the sun, negative emotions are like clouds. Clouds are illusions, they are not solid. The wind can blow them away. And so it is with you. Let your desire to see the sun in your life be the wind that moves the clouds.

Lots of Love.


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