Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pass the Source please!

Today I was asked "What do you mean when you use the term Source?" It's such a brilliant question! We are all at different stages on our spiritual journey and it is so important to be crystal clear and not take for granted and assume that everyone knows what you're talking about when you make a statement that contains a possible abstract construct. This was my reply: 

With regards to your question about Source, when I use the term Source, I am referring to 2 forms of energy. The first is the all prevailing energy that created us - God, Divine Mind, Divine Consciousness, Awareness, The Creator, The Universe, Universal Consciousness are other names for Source. Source is the source of our existence. Source is just that the source from which we come from.  The second reference I use the term for relates to the part of our selves that IS Source. It is the part of us that is the fragment of the Being that created everything. Source can only use itself to create, therefore what it creates must contain itself. Human beings have added layers to Source's original creation. These layers we have added are our beliefs, what we "think" is true! So when we return to Source all we are doing is stripping away the layers of the belief we have created and returning back to the Truth of our being. Back to the Source of what we are, Love. 

Source is the energy of pure and complete, unpolluted, unconditional Love. Love that does not judge, manipulate, demand or expect anything in return. Love that walks with eternity and waits patiently, silently. The Love that begets inspiration, compassion and beauty in its most simple form.

It is pure.  

It is perfect and that is why it has so much power to heal because it isn't broken and it can not be broken. Source only recognises itself because it only uses itself to create with. Source is Love, therefore it can only see Love. It can not see illness, wrong doing or any other human ailment or misconception that we ourselves have created through our fractured perception and belief that we are a separate being from the One who created us. 

Source is NOT governed by the religion that man has made to suit his own purpose; that justifies inhumanity, intolerance and ignorance in the name of some easily offended, bad tempered, judgmental deity!

Source IS the energy that is fully alive between the atoms, that binds the whole Universe together. The energy that transforms a seed into a flower without any outside instruction. The same energy that takes a sperm and an egg and uninterrupted creates human life without our help!

When we return to Source and surrender to its energy completely we are healed physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The greatest gift of Source is the understanding and the shift in perception that reveals to us that we all originate from the same Source, Love. This is mirrored back to us when we accept that we are all originate from the same Source. It is mirrored in every soul we encounter.

We are made whole. 

The internal struggles end and freedom returns.

Like the river flowing into the sea we simply return to what we are and to what we came from. 

This is the flow of Love.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Resign and Re-Sign

The day I stood up and said "I don't want to work here anymore" and walked out of my "good job" was the most defining moment of my life. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew that bureaucracy and working for a pension was not for me. There was nothing wrong with my job there is nothing wrong with any job! I wasn't happy with me. I wasn't happy full stop so any job i did at that moment in time would have been awful.

We blame our circumstances for our unhappiness when in truth our unhappiness is our responsibility. It's a hard and jagged little pill to swallow but it's true. Hating your job is the most obvious sign that you are out of alignment with something in your life. That something is you. The job is not the problem. You are!

When you're alive with happiness, living a fun and productive life that if is fulfilling everything you do feels wonderful. No task is to much to undertake. Your heart is light and there is something to smile about. You don't mind the walk to the train station or no seat on a bus. It doesn't bother you that much to be sat in traffic when you've got your favourite tunes for company. But the journey to work can feel like a gangplank to hell when you don't feel good about the job you do, or you can't see say anything nice about your colleagues. The job is to blame and it's not your fault right? Wrong! 

The job is the the job! It needs to be done. Every job is valuable, every job serves a purpose when we see it as a way in which we ourselves can make the world a better place. Your job should not be just another means to fill a hole in your life or a way to make ends meet or drag yourself from one meaningless day to another. 

Your work is your present to the world. So show up! Show up with all your positive energy, radiance and Love. It's your chance to make a difference. What you do during those 8 precious hours and the hours that surround it have the power to make or break another person's day. When you show up for work feeling negative you send out a vibration that will bring you more of the the same. It will be matched by more negative energy.

People who dislike their jobs invariably create negative energy that effects other people consciously and subconsciously. They infest the workplace with a heaviness that casts a malignant shadow over every person they come into contact with. Their unhappiness which goes beyond the 4 walls of the office/factory/shop etc and back to their Self is a tangible force that weighs heavily.

When you are unhappy in your place of work you are unfairly pushing out job satisfaction, joy, pride in your work and fulfillment. You are not being fair to your Self, your colleagues or other people whom you subconsciously effect with your unhappy attitude because you are not vibrating at your highest level of radiance.  You are denying your Self and those around you the very best of you.

I do not advocate for one minute that you stand up and walk out of your job declaring "I'd rather live in hell than come back here tomorrow" but I'd be the first to cheer if you did! When I left my "job for life" it set in motion an effect that transformed my world so when my formal dismissal letter landed on my doorstep a few weeks later I knew that my first authentic day had arrived. 

Do I regret it? Nope! Was it scary? Possibly. I don't remember to be honest. All I know was that I was dying in a job that I wasn't meant to be doing because I was meant to be finding my life purpose.

When I stopped working for the "the man" I was free to find myself, test myself and discover who I really am. It has been the greatest adventure of my life. I had no money and no conventional future to speak of but I didn't care. I had a burning deep inside me that wouldn't diminish. A desire to find something. I didn't know what at the time and it took me a while to work out that I was looking for was actually me! The real ME! The authentic me and started with a good cry in the bath that lead me to University.

Ironically, if I was to go back to my old job I could do it quite easily. I'd enjoy it, I'd give it my best and respect my work for I see now that it was never the job that was the problem, it was me. It's not the kind of work that would bring me boundless joy now but I would be able to do it peacefully because I am at peace with myself now.

So the moral of this tale is "Hell YES!" follow your heart, follow your dreams and become your passion! For this IS who you are. Pack only blind Faith in your valise and Serendipity, Synchronicity, Self belief and Love will do the rest.

There is another you out there, bigger and better than you you are today!.

Never betray who you are when they tell you what you should be! Have courage no matter how crazy the world tells you you are for walking the other way down a one way street because it's the direction life wants you to take. When you're in alignment with your true nature things start to just fall into place naturally effortlessly and harmoniously. 

Eventually, we must all go our own way. 

It takes courage but it's worth it because you are :-)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Happiness Choice

Whilst I agree that everyone is different and therefore one rule does not necessarily apply to all, there does come a point where we have to choose if we want to continue allowing sadness in any form to be the dominant feeling of our lives.

If is so powerful and whilst it can inspire us to do great things it can also become a seductive cloak that dominates the rest of our lives. 

Sadness is sadness if something takes away your joy it can not be measured. When we lose someone/something that we Love dearly there comes a point where our sadness can turn into a habit we get use to it. 

This is not natural.

Instead of foucsing our attention on the joy we felt with/for the one we Love we remember our own sorrow instead. This does not honour the fact that we were blessed to have shared our lives with someone who brought us Joy and whom we Loved. 

We live in a western world that constantly reports negativity as news but it doesn't celebrate or encourage joy and fellowship. 

Therefore, happiness requires effort we have to learn to change our perception of our sadness in order to see it as a feeling that can be harnessed for transformation and good. 

Choose happiness because it feels good.

Lots of Love. xxx