Thursday, 23 January 2014

Politically yours...

For too long a humanistic and compassionate approach to politics has been derided by those who fear, do not believe or most frighteningly truly know just how powerful, fair and just a political system built on caring and Love can be. We have blindly abided and lived by the yoke of feudal, imperial and capitalist laws that favour the rights of the few over the many. Most people have been educated to believe that the way we live now is the only way we can live, that society can only function like a pyramid with less than 10% of the world population controlling 90% of it's wealth and resources thereby, creating poverty, political instability, war and environmental destruction. 

But as history has repeatedly shown us, eventually all empires fall.

It is no longer acceptable for the Spiritual community to preach endlessly about peace, Love, self awareness, other worlds and daily practices without taking a stand and making positive conscious action in THIS world. We need to make a difference now! Deep breathing and beautiful words of wisdom will not feed a starving child, or stop a war or end the corruption that causes suffering without direct action. Sitting in the Lotus position saying "OM" isn't enough! Surrounding ourselves with "like minded people" who also agree with us about how important cleaning our Chakras are isn't enough! 

Anger is wrongly looked down upon by many, feared and labelled negatively. But the truth is anger is one of the most powerful and motivational forces in the Universe. Anger forces us to take a stand and make a change, make a difference, do something! Anger creates a biological and chemical chain reaction that forces us to do something. It is a gift that says enough is enough and it is time to get angry, motivated and passionate about "the system" that is fucking over our brothers and sisters all over the world. Anger doesn't have to be destructive and violent, it is just energy that needs to be channeled in a positive way that can and does make a difference. So name your cause, stand by your cause, feel your cause and defend it. Send an email, sign a petition, go on a march, raise your voice but DO something. Don't condone injustice with silence. 

The game that governs is played out on the world stage, politically. So this is where change must come. Gandhi, The Suffragettes, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Aung San Suu Ky and Nelson Mandela and millions of nameless political activists sacrificed their liberty to put humanity at the top of the political agenda but they never set out to be politicians! This is the difference.

A deeper more humane conscious awareness is now emerging on the political scene but it's not actually political it's compassionate and intuitively "right", we sense it and we connect. 

Doing things in the name of a God, King or Country is not good enough, it is outdated, destructive and demeaning.

It is time to start thinking new thoughts and creating new rules. 

It is time to embrace our humanity. It is long overdue. 

Monday, 21 October 2013

Grieving and Healing

It's funny how something random can trip you up emotionally and you find yourself awash with feelings you thought you'd left behind. Do we ever stop grieving for the hopes, dreams and Loved ones we lose. But then again one of the major laws of physics teaches energy does not die it simply changes form. So is this what happens to our hopes, beliefs and dreams? When they die do they find new form? If so where? Do they transform into new dreams and new hopes? If so, how? Will it happen naturally like decomposition, dying only to become absorbed into something else? Or do we have to cremate them ourselves sweeping up the ashes of what once was, finding somewhere to discard them. Do we ever really lose the things we hold dear? People, memories, the things we Love, time? Is there always a lesson to be learned from that which we can not hold on to or lets go of us, the people we lose and our dreams that get washed away? 

We grieve for what could have been, what should have been and what will never be. We grieve for what has gone before and what will never be replaced. We grieve for what we Love the most and it is this journey alone that has the power to make us, break us, transform and enlighten us. The grieving process is a journey into the darkest, loneliest valley we will ever walk. It is a journey that is undertaken without a map of reason and no two are the same. It is a journey into our very soul. Grief forces us to confront ourselves, how we live and how we behave towards others. It is in grief that we are plunged into the depths of sadness and the power of anger is unleashed. There is an eye in this storm where nothing is real and nothing can be felt. As the world carries on turning you are stuck in the void, stuck in the nothingness where we feel nothing but numb. It is the void that scares the most. It is the nothing that is the most frightening. It is the feeling of not feeling that creates an indifference to life that a part of you knows is unnatural but you don't care because you don't care. 

It hurts to breathe. It hurts to cry and every morning that you wake up you curse that you're still alive. You don't want to die but you don't want to live another day of this unquantified emptiness. An end does not seem in sight.

There are moments of respite that catch you off guard and a warm memory will make you laugh or smile as you wait for the bus or pack groceries in the supermarket. It is these precious fragments of Love that override the anger, the sorrow and the ache of missing what you no longer have that creates a healing balm. It hurts but it heals.

So do we ever stop grieving or do we learn to just live with our loss and if so will those tears that spring without warning ever stop flowing?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sons and Daughters

I Love my daughter! She's freeakin' AWESOME!

 If you are blessed with healthy, happy, relatively normal (?) children or especially if your child is unwell, acting up or a royal pain (we've all been there) take a minute to send them some Love. If they have a mobile phone send them a text, or post on their wall a little reminder of just how precious they are to you. Yes, there are days when you want to scream at the top of your lungs and it's only those episodes of CSI (they'd work out it was me) that you've watched that have stopped you from sending your child into the next world (every parent especially if you have teenagers has thought about it - don't lie!). 

Being a parent is challenging (ask my cat!) but the rewards are immeasurable. Our children are our gift to the world and they are amazing! No matter how badly we screw up as care providers our children remain loyal and unwavering in their Love. It takes a LOT for a child to wash their hands of their parents. We really have to screw up BIG time for a child to denounce us. So let's give our most precious resource the Love, respect and ATTENTION they need and deserve. 

We're living in challenging times. Money is on all our minds and parents in particular are carrying additional weights on their shoulders. But let's not lose focus. Let's not forget that whilst we have a responsibility to keep a roof over our heads, dinner on the table and clothes on our children's back, we are mums and dads FIRST and foremost and our children (and partners) need to know that they are the most important people in our lives. It is not enough to know that you Love your children. It is not enough for you to ASSUME that they know you Love them. It is our single duty as parents and care providers to reassure through daily demonstration just how important our children are to us and it starts with stopping what you are doing right NOW and taking a minute to think about your child/children and remember why you are doing what you are doing and where your Joy really lies. 

Don't let the demands of world of illusion blind you to what matters most. 

You are NOT too busy to hold in your mind a wonderful thought of a child you chose to bring into this world. 

So do it. Do it now! Show them some Love and really feel in your heart the power of the gift life hasgenerously blessed you with.

If you are not a parent then think about the children young and older who bring Joy into your life and be thankful for their presence too. 

Today, let's make a commitment to show our future generation what they mean to us right NOW>

Lots of Love. <3


Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Ex Factor: Lovers to Friends

Phone rings. It's one of my ex boyfriends. "Alright Girl! I'm in the city fancy lunch?" As tempting as wild mushroom polenta washed down with a Bellini or 2 is, I have another appointment so reluctantly decline. I haven't spoken to him since April and we've got loads to catch up on so we slip into a natural conversation about the current events of our lives. There are genuine and heart felt congratulations and commiserations between us. I really enjoy our conversation, he gives me advice and I give him advice and everything flows so naturally between us and I realise this is because we actually have a genuine friendship. I don't feel the pressure to be the all Loving, sexy, supportive girlfriend and he doesn't feel the need to be gentleman come all action super hero. There are no false barriers to hide behind. I see through him and he sees through me, we really are "Just good friends." And I absolutely adore him. 

Serendipity brought us together one afternoon. I'd been single for a while and he'd just come out of a long relationship so really and truly we were never really destined at that moment in time to have more than an intense and passionate 6 months together which we did. Loads in common bringing out the best in and inspiring each other.It was great but we were romancing on borrowed time. I wanted a grown up relationship, he was just getting over one so when he rang me and said "Baby we need to talk." I had an idea of where we were heading and although it was sad when he sat in front of me and admitted that he was still in Love with his ex I felt nothing but compassion, no anger, no bewilderment and none of the torture that comes from having lots of questions and no answers. As he opened his heart and honestly told me respectfully and kindly to my face that he couldn't give me the commitment I wanted I realised that I didn't want this amazing man out of my life. He was right we didn't have a future as a couple we had a future as something even more amazing, we had a future as friends.

When we get romantically involved with people our perspectives can go out the window. In a fit of passion and excitement we get caught up in the romance of what we want and can overlook the often overlooked reason this person has come into our lives. 

After having such a good open and honest chat with my ex I began to feel very thankful for his presence in my life. I appreciate him and I thank him for being the one who made the adult decision to end our relationship. But what makes me appreciate and Love him even more is the way he ended it. Instead of leaving me a "I'm sorry I can't do this." Post It note on the fridge or just ignoring me was kind enough to afford me the respect, compassion and kindness of ending our relationship with dignity. I respected him for this more than anything. I didn't walk away feeling used, confused or broken. I walked away with my dignity and it made a huge difference to what happened next between us. 

We weren't meant to be a couple long not really, but we had built an incredible friendship and neither one of us wanted to end that and we didn't have to. 

Today I've been reflecting on the saying that people come into our lives for a reason, a season and for life and I agree but I think if you scratch beneath the surface of that adage there is another layer of learning. Maybe one or two exceptional people come into our lives for a combination of reason and life, season and reason. This then poses a new challenge with regards to how we enter and exit the lives we touch.

A brave, simple, heartfelt conversation over a Cosmopolitan in a bar transformed 2 former Lovers into loyal, Loving, lifelong friends :-).

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Why don't they sell interchangeable personalities on Ebay?

I read this blog post about the nature of friendships and change and it got me thinking in one direction and then sent me off on a tangent!

Hmmm, where to begin??? Let's go make some tea first!!! LOL! 

I think like the natural world, human nature consists of polarities - light and dark, fire and ice, deserts and oceans. We all have positive and negative aspects to our personalities, otherwise we wouldn't be human and we wouldn't be able to learn our life lessons. It's the negative aspects of our thinking that offer us an avenue to challenge ourselves and allow us to grow and develop. With this in mind, I think it's unfair and unrealistic to expect people to behave 1 dimensionally and consistently. Our personalities are made up of many facets and I challenge anyone who says that a) they know themselves, b) their personality has not changed over the years and c) that their personality and behaviour is consistent with everyone they know/meet. 

I know for a fact that mine isn't! The personality I project in a class full of students younger than me is not the same as the personality I project when I'm out socialising with friends or being intimate with my lover. Whilst the traits of my personality may fundamentally remain the same (Open, Extrovert etc) how I behave and relate to others does not. I adjust my personality to the situation that I find myself in, I can't be alone in this? Surely that's what we all do??? 

And herein lies a confusing paradox, believing that our behaviour, personalities and thoughts are consistent when in reality, they're not!

We all have experiences that are unique and personal to us. No two people will process and experience the same events in the same way. It is our experiences combined with our history and personalities that determine how we react and project ourselves. Living forces us to change! When we change our perception of the world around us and the people in it change too because we have! If you are blessed with good, supportive and compatible friends, family, colleagues etc the change often goes undetected and Life continues to flow. However when change is not synchronised, we feel it and can become acutely sensitive to it. 

Change, especially when forced upon us rarely makes sense and d we start to ask "Why is so and so behaving in this way?", "Why don't people understand?", etc. We can so easily get stuck in the questioning of the behaviour of others. We become so blindingly judgemental that we fail to notice the fundamental truth - we can not control the behaviour of others. We can only control the behaviour of ourselves and how we react to the change that occurs in our lives.

People change, we change and subsequently the nature and dynamics of our relationships/friendships change. I sincerely believe that people come into our lives for a REASON, a SEASON or for LIFE and it is our responsibility to identify what role a person plays in our life, learn our lessons and to accept the inevitability of change. Change happens with or without your permission - FACT!

We all have individual Life Paths and as such can only control how WE behave. One person may not be able to change the majority in an instant but by becoming and living by example change can be effected if we really want it and we chose it. 

Like attracts Like, it is just that simple. So when we stop judging and questioning the behaviour of others and become more compassionate, Loving, tolerant and accepting of the flaws of humanity we ourselves change into more compassionate, Loving, tolerant, understanding and forgiving human beings and experience true Joy. This is the alignment of our hearts with our personalities and behaviour. To my mind, this is at the heart of what it means to be human, it is our humanity. 


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

It's Right to be Wrong!

My relationship with the God of my understanding is one whereby I can say "Father, I've been a dickhead (again)!" and he says "Yeah, I know! But have a KitKat anyway and I'll get your Guides, the Angels, your Ancestors, The Ascended Masters, The Sun, The Moon and every other celestial body that vibrates on the higher planes of existence to help fix your shit for you, again :-)!". 
And I say "Thanks Pops!" then make a nice cup of tea knowing everything is safely held in the hands of my Creator and that Divine Right Order will put everything as it should be even if I don't like the way it looks at the time!

I have never felt so Loved, understood or happy as the day I realised that all my problems stem from the same problem, Misperception. Misperception about what I am, what you are, what life is and why we're all here. To "Know thy Self" is to free your mind from all of the beliefs, fears and misunderstandings that governments, society and religion in particular have given you. 

The world as it is currently defined is designed to make us believe that we are stupid or failures, fractured and wrong for not conforming to or living by the rules the few made up to control the many. The 10 biblical commandments have been used and abused to turn the Sons and Daughters of the Creator into fearful slaves of a world that has forgotten the Golden Rule THE most important piece of advice from the Divine Mind "Love thy neighbour as thyself." I can't believe that it's not one of the 10 commandments personally! In fact I think it should be the only commandment but that's not for here!

The point I'm making is simple:

You were created by whatever Divine Being you choose to put your Faith in and I'm pretty sure that Being made you from a portion of itself, therefore, unless the Almighty you believe in isn't made from perfect Love then what else could you be made from? 

In the eyes of Spirit you can not fail because you are perfection. You come from perfection therefore what else can you possibly be? Perfection.

If you are perfection it must be your perception of what you view yourself to be that is not perfect. Therefore how you view the world is an error or a sin if you prefer the biblical term which for the record comes from the Greek it is in fact an archery term meaning to "miss the mark". In archery when you miss the mark you take another shot! Simple things. You get to correct your original error! And that's all a sin is! That's all any mistake is, just an error in judgement or perception. It can be corrected quite easily by recognising that it is just an error. No matter how deep the consequences of an error may run, they can be corrected and healed. They can! 

Kneeling before your own errors and admitting "Damn, I fucked up!" is the first step in correcting our perception. The second is admitting "I don't know how to fix this but I know a man who does!" And thirdly handing it over, all of it. Spirit can not heal what you can not release. So let IT go! You'll feel instant Peace and what you thought was a mountain will reduce to the size of a pin prick. You will see your problem through the eyes of Spirit and it will be transformed and it will be healed. 

The Mind of the Universe is bigger and brighter than you can possibly imagine. We are Angels in human form our imaginations are limited by our beliefs but let go of what you believe and suddenly anything and everything can happen and does.

You do not have to be strong all the time. We are children of the Creator, so be a child. It's fun! If  you want to count blades of grass do so. If you want to ride a Donkicorn (half donkey, half Unicorn mine's pink!) then close your eyes and whisk yourself into that world where everything is possible, everything exists and relax knowing that no matter what happens all is well. 

Being Kind, Compassionate and Understanding is not weakness. When you open your heart to Love you connect with the most powerful force in the Universe, you connect directly with everything every created, you connect directly with the Divine. 

Lots of Love.


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pass the Source please!

Today I was asked "What do you mean when you use the term Source?" It's such a brilliant question! We are all at different stages on our spiritual journey and it is so important to be crystal clear and not take for granted and assume that everyone knows what you're talking about when you make a statement that contains a possible abstract construct. This was my reply: 

With regards to your question about Source, when I use the term Source, I am referring to 2 forms of energy. The first is the all prevailing energy that created us - God, Divine Mind, Divine Consciousness, Awareness, The Creator, The Universe, Universal Consciousness are other names for Source. Source is the source of our existence. Source is just that the source from which we come from.  The second reference I use the term for relates to the part of our selves that IS Source. It is the part of us that is the fragment of the Being that created everything. Source can only use itself to create, therefore what it creates must contain itself. Human beings have added layers to Source's original creation. These layers we have added are our beliefs, what we "think" is true! So when we return to Source all we are doing is stripping away the layers of the belief we have created and returning back to the Truth of our being. Back to the Source of what we are, Love. 

Source is the energy of pure and complete, unpolluted, unconditional Love. Love that does not judge, manipulate, demand or expect anything in return. Love that walks with eternity and waits patiently, silently. The Love that begets inspiration, compassion and beauty in its most simple form.

It is pure.  

It is perfect and that is why it has so much power to heal because it isn't broken and it can not be broken. Source only recognises itself because it only uses itself to create with. Source is Love, therefore it can only see Love. It can not see illness, wrong doing or any other human ailment or misconception that we ourselves have created through our fractured perception and belief that we are a separate being from the One who created us. 

Source is NOT governed by the religion that man has made to suit his own purpose; that justifies inhumanity, intolerance and ignorance in the name of some easily offended, bad tempered, judgmental deity!

Source IS the energy that is fully alive between the atoms, that binds the whole Universe together. The energy that transforms a seed into a flower without any outside instruction. The same energy that takes a sperm and an egg and uninterrupted creates human life without our help!

When we return to Source and surrender to its energy completely we are healed physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. The greatest gift of Source is the understanding and the shift in perception that reveals to us that we all originate from the same Source, Love. This is mirrored back to us when we accept that we are all originate from the same Source. It is mirrored in every soul we encounter.

We are made whole. 

The internal struggles end and freedom returns.

Like the river flowing into the sea we simply return to what we are and to what we came from. 

This is the flow of Love.