Thursday, 12 January 2012

Love Unrequitted...

I wrote this note for and to someone very very dear to me. Initially it was my way of offering suppor and encouragement in the best way I know, through words. However, the more I wrote the more I realised, these were not just words they were more than that. They were a cathartic acknowledgement on my part to my own heart that I myself had finally healed from wounds that I had received in my own battles for and against Love.

I hope others whose hearts are breaking are helped and touched in a meaningful way :-)

You CAN NOT make someone Love you and you should not want to either!!! Love can not be forced otherwise it is NOT Love, it is OBLIGATION. If someone does not, can not or will not Love you unconditionally and of their own FREE WILL then you have to turn ot the one person who CAN give you the Love you DESERVE. That person is YOU!

No human can, will or is capable of Loving you more than you are capable of Loving yourself. Unrequited Love is painful, we crash and we burn it its flames. There is carnage and injuries! But then like a phoenix we are reborn into a new life, a new purpose and a new direction. We find what was lost. We find ourselves. We find a greater existence and we begin the GREATEST Love affair of our Lives, with ourselves.

No Love is more amazing than this! 

And then as time brings healing and time brings Peace and as the tears start to dry and we being to breathe again, our perspective changes, our eyes open and we see ourselves and the one who hurt us in a new light. We find strength in Forgiveness and Grace makes a home in our heart. The past no longer touches us and there is Peace. It will happen. I promise :-). 


You have sooo much potential to shape and change the world.around you for the better. You are an advocate for those who have no voice, you ARE an Earth Angel. Do not forget this. 

This time right now will pass.

You are Loved more than words can say and you are precious in my eyes.

I Love you Lots and Lots. xxx

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