Friday, 4 November 2011

To Be 3 Or Not To Be Free!

Today I feel physically knackered (I'll reprogramme that thought later :-) but for  now I have reverted to my 3 year old self - irritated, tired, hungry and throwing my toys out of my pram! I don't like being tired especially when coherent sentence formation in conversation goes out the window, haha! And as unbecoming as it may be rubbing my eyes, slouching and flailing my arms because everything is such an effort and everyone is deliberately irritating me because I'm always perfect so why are they making my life hard! I do secretly find my (extra) childish behaviour amusing I know I'm driving myself nuts and that after lunch and a nap I'll be fine but there's something liberating in indulging my inner brat and having a good laugh at myself that I thoroughly enjoy! A guilt free, guilty pleasure - heehee! It's so easy to lose touch with the fun, free, eternally youthful side of our natures. The essence of who we are. We worry so much about Life that it often gets in the way of Living. 

Children have amazing free spirits that really don't give a damn. Their needs are always met. Their needs are simple - feed me, make me laugh! They don't worry about deadlines, bills, relationships or fibre intake! They don't care if they're dirty and/or (often) smelly. Split ends, weight loss and cashflow mean nothing when you've just pulled a booger out your nose that's green and sticky! I know it's gross but see if a 3 year old cares as they proudly wave their finger at you. We're talking about little people who eat crap off the floor and pick up worms to show you how they wriggle and then do that wiggle dance that only the under 5's master just to emphasise the point. They'll slap a cat, deny they did it (not cool), walk away defiantly, demand what they want NOW and tell you "NO" if a request displeases them. They embody curiosity, with their never ending questions and unbroken spirits and being the closest creatures to God on this earth are my personal inspiration! 

I can remember taking my daughter to playgroup as a toddler and she'd never want to leave. Adamant that what she was doing (usually involving sand in her hair) was far more important than me needing to get to the bank or go to the supermarket. Being happy was all that mattered, being happy came first! Looking back she was right! I laugh at the things she did that annoyed me so much at the time especially the day she refused to eat her mashed veggies and knocked the spoon out of my hand so I retaliated by turning the bowl upside down onto her head! The look of shock on her face was priceless!!! LOL! Good times :-)

What happens to us as adults? At what point did life get so complicated? At what point did it stop being FUN??? Why are we no longer playful? Where did we lose our Joy? Being responsible doesn't detract from being a Human Being, emphasis on the "Being". If Life is a balancing act (I disagree) but if it is then surely allowing room to indulge your own precocious needs is part of the equation? The world won't stop turning just because you decide to read a book or go to a movie on your own, or practice handstands in your garden or my personal favourite - do absolutely nothing! Whatever self indulgence you want to partake of, however ridiculous or sublime, I suggest you GO FOR IT! Go on. Indulge yourself. You don't need anyone else's permission!!! 

You were never created to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders or carry such troubles in your heart. You can not give the best of yourself to others in your life if you do not first give the best of yourself to yourself by honouring your own feelings and taking care of your own needs, even if it's just for an hour. You are the foundation of your life upon which everything else is built - Construct with CARE!

Live a little, Live A LOT and LOVE LOVE LOVE every minute of your day, even when it's driving you nuts! But above all Laugh! Nothing brings and radiates Light in a darkened world more than the sound of laughter and nothing is more contagious!

Hmmm, I'd love to spend the afternoon in one of those indoor soft playhouses up to my neck in colourful plastic balls!!! LOL! I need a kid! Damn! Oh well pie and mash it is! Pass the Play Doh!


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