Saturday, 10 September 2011

Where There's Life :-)

I was woken this morning at 4.30am to the sound of neighbours arguing and their baby crying and I just wanted them to STOP! Don't they realise that I live in the house next door? That my bedroom is adjacent to theirs? That I had to get up in 3 hours??? And whilst my initial anger was motivated by my own selfishness regarding my life (it took half an hour or so for me to consider that their lives are troubled) it got me thinking about the impact our lives have on each other in ways we'll never know.

We are all precious, unique children of Creation blessed with Life. Think about it. What are the odds of you being here? What did it take to bring you into this world? Your family tree stretches back for millennia, every relative as far back as time goes had to meet that specific person at that specific time to create everyone you're related to. Your parents had to meet, make love, that egg, that sperm coming together at that unique and specific moment in time. Such a delicate combination of events, Divinely timed created YOU! 

And your birth was no accident! You are meant to be here, a thread in the rich and glorious tapestry of Life. Without your presence, something in the world would be different, a little less wonderful, a little less beautiful. Whether you realise it or not you have changed the world by simply being part of it. 

Do not underestimate how powerful having you here is. Like a stone in a pond your Life force ripples outwards touching other stones and ripples changing the face of the water. The soft waves nearest the stone as it splashes are small and tight and close to you, think of these ripples as your family and as they spread out and travel further, think of these as your friends, neighbours, colleagues, commuters on your train, the girl in the coffee shop, the company operative who answered your call, even the farmer who grows the oranges for the juice you buy! YOU touch the lives of millions of people everyday and more importantly YOU have the power to influence how other people feel. A harsh word, negative comment, smile or a hug can impact on another person in ways you might not realise. How wonderful does it feel when a child on the bus smiles at you? How horrible is it when someone you don't know pushes you out the way? 

We touch and we change each others lives every minute of the day.  So be mindful of what you think, what you say and how you act for YOU are an amazing source of energy that radiates for all to see. So choose your polarity wisely (positive or negative) because you are more powerful than you know.

I believe we are souls in human incarnation each with a purpose to bring Love and Light to the human experience. Our Lives are not meaningless, hopeless or devoid of purpose.

Life is NEVER hopeless :-)

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