Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Bird and The Fish

Once upon a time a beautiful bird unfolded her delicate wings and flew. The warmth of the sun and the gentle wind gave the bird magical powers to soar high in the sky where she was loved, adored and envied by the other creatures of the air. But although she lived a charmed life the bird felt an emptyness deep down inside. Something was missing. A hypnotic glimmer below caught her eye catching her off guard.

Dazed and curious she decided to rest for a while on a low hanging branch that over looked a mighty river that gushed and roared with anger and passion. She watched in fascination as a big powerful fish swam to the surface and stared at her just below the waterline. The sun's reflection glistening on the rainbow colours of his skin. The bird could not understand how such a magnificent creature could survive in such a small and confined space. 

The fish spoke to her in a strange language that she had never heard before. Every word seemed to find itself into her blood.  The fish spoke of strange worlds, sounds and magic in the vast expanse of the dark ocean and the bird told the fish about her world of warmth, tenderness and Love. Time passed and the fish grew more confident, magnificence and stature and the bird learnt to create spoken magic wherever she went, communicating her thoughts and feelings in a way that all Life forms could understand. Her feathers unfurled.

One cold January morning, the bird, her heart aching to touch the fish sat on her branch in silence watching the mighty warrior of the water thrash violently with anger and frustration, swimming in dark decreasing circles, trapped in a cage without bars in the prison of his mind. She longed to comfort him with a gentle touch of her wing.

"I Love you." she said.

The fish was silent.

"I can not fly." he said.

"And I can not swim." she replied. "Where can we live?"

The fish felt the warmth of the sun caress his face as he broke the surface and the shimmering water refreshed the birds tired feathers. But neither could breathe. 

"I'll die in your world." they said to the other. 

"I know where we can live and breathe in safety." said the bird. "I will keep all that I hold dear about you in the safest room of my heart.".

The fish smiled and dived below the waves against the tide in search of the ocean that he longed to be part of and the bird turned, felt the warmth of the breeze on her cheek, spread her wings and flew towards the sun.

Sometimes the deepest connections of Love are experienced between 2 souls that cannot be together.


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