Thursday, 23 January 2014

Politically yours...

For too long a humanistic and compassionate approach to politics has been derided by those who fear, do not believe or most frighteningly truly know just how powerful, fair and just a political system built on caring and Love can be. We have blindly abided and lived by the yoke of feudal, imperial and capitalist laws that favour the rights of the few over the many. Most people have been educated to believe that the way we live now is the only way we can live, that society can only function like a pyramid with less than 10% of the world population controlling 90% of it's wealth and resources thereby, creating poverty, political instability, war and environmental destruction. 

But as history has repeatedly shown us, eventually all empires fall.

It is no longer acceptable for the Spiritual community to preach endlessly about peace, Love, self awareness, other worlds and daily practices without taking a stand and making positive conscious action in THIS world. We need to make a difference now! Deep breathing and beautiful words of wisdom will not feed a starving child, or stop a war or end the corruption that causes suffering without direct action. Sitting in the Lotus position saying "OM" isn't enough! Surrounding ourselves with "like minded people" who also agree with us about how important cleaning our Chakras are isn't enough! 

Anger is wrongly looked down upon by many, feared and labelled negatively. But the truth is anger is one of the most powerful and motivational forces in the Universe. Anger forces us to take a stand and make a change, make a difference, do something! Anger creates a biological and chemical chain reaction that forces us to do something. It is a gift that says enough is enough and it is time to get angry, motivated and passionate about "the system" that is fucking over our brothers and sisters all over the world. Anger doesn't have to be destructive and violent, it is just energy that needs to be channeled in a positive way that can and does make a difference. So name your cause, stand by your cause, feel your cause and defend it. Send an email, sign a petition, go on a march, raise your voice but DO something. Don't condone injustice with silence. 

The game that governs is played out on the world stage, politically. So this is where change must come. Gandhi, The Suffragettes, Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez, Aung San Suu Ky and Nelson Mandela and millions of nameless political activists sacrificed their liberty to put humanity at the top of the political agenda but they never set out to be politicians! This is the difference.

A deeper more humane conscious awareness is now emerging on the political scene but it's not actually political it's compassionate and intuitively "right", we sense it and we connect. 

Doing things in the name of a God, King or Country is not good enough, it is outdated, destructive and demeaning.

It is time to start thinking new thoughts and creating new rules. 

It is time to embrace our humanity. It is long overdue. 

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