Tuesday, 14 May 2013

It's Right to be Wrong!

My relationship with the God of my understanding is one whereby I can say "Father, I've been a dickhead (again)!" and he says "Yeah, I know! But have a KitKat anyway and I'll get your Guides, the Angels, your Ancestors, The Ascended Masters, The Sun, The Moon and every other celestial body that vibrates on the higher planes of existence to help fix your shit for you, again :-)!". 
And I say "Thanks Pops!" then make a nice cup of tea knowing everything is safely held in the hands of my Creator and that Divine Right Order will put everything as it should be even if I don't like the way it looks at the time!

I have never felt so Loved, understood or happy as the day I realised that all my problems stem from the same problem, Misperception. Misperception about what I am, what you are, what life is and why we're all here. To "Know thy Self" is to free your mind from all of the beliefs, fears and misunderstandings that governments, society and religion in particular have given you. 

The world as it is currently defined is designed to make us believe that we are stupid or failures, fractured and wrong for not conforming to or living by the rules the few made up to control the many. The 10 biblical commandments have been used and abused to turn the Sons and Daughters of the Creator into fearful slaves of a world that has forgotten the Golden Rule THE most important piece of advice from the Divine Mind "Love thy neighbour as thyself." I can't believe that it's not one of the 10 commandments personally! In fact I think it should be the only commandment but that's not for here!

The point I'm making is simple:

You were created by whatever Divine Being you choose to put your Faith in and I'm pretty sure that Being made you from a portion of itself, therefore, unless the Almighty you believe in isn't made from perfect Love then what else could you be made from? 

In the eyes of Spirit you can not fail because you are perfection. You come from perfection therefore what else can you possibly be? Perfection.

If you are perfection it must be your perception of what you view yourself to be that is not perfect. Therefore how you view the world is an error or a sin if you prefer the biblical term which for the record comes from the Greek it is in fact an archery term meaning to "miss the mark". In archery when you miss the mark you take another shot! Simple things. You get to correct your original error! And that's all a sin is! That's all any mistake is, just an error in judgement or perception. It can be corrected quite easily by recognising that it is just an error. No matter how deep the consequences of an error may run, they can be corrected and healed. They can! 

Kneeling before your own errors and admitting "Damn, I fucked up!" is the first step in correcting our perception. The second is admitting "I don't know how to fix this but I know a man who does!" And thirdly handing it over, all of it. Spirit can not heal what you can not release. So let IT go! You'll feel instant Peace and what you thought was a mountain will reduce to the size of a pin prick. You will see your problem through the eyes of Spirit and it will be transformed and it will be healed. 

The Mind of the Universe is bigger and brighter than you can possibly imagine. We are Angels in human form our imaginations are limited by our beliefs but let go of what you believe and suddenly anything and everything can happen and does.

You do not have to be strong all the time. We are children of the Creator, so be a child. It's fun! If  you want to count blades of grass do so. If you want to ride a Donkicorn (half donkey, half Unicorn mine's pink!) then close your eyes and whisk yourself into that world where everything is possible, everything exists and relax knowing that no matter what happens all is well. 

Being Kind, Compassionate and Understanding is not weakness. When you open your heart to Love you connect with the most powerful force in the Universe, you connect directly with everything every created, you connect directly with the Divine. 

Lots of Love.


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