Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Happiness Choice

Whilst I agree that everyone is different and therefore one rule does not necessarily apply to all, there does come a point where we have to choose if we want to continue allowing sadness in any form to be the dominant feeling of our lives.

If is so powerful and whilst it can inspire us to do great things it can also become a seductive cloak that dominates the rest of our lives. 

Sadness is sadness if something takes away your joy it can not be measured. When we lose someone/something that we Love dearly there comes a point where our sadness can turn into a habit we get use to it. 

This is not natural.

Instead of foucsing our attention on the joy we felt with/for the one we Love we remember our own sorrow instead. This does not honour the fact that we were blessed to have shared our lives with someone who brought us Joy and whom we Loved. 

We live in a western world that constantly reports negativity as news but it doesn't celebrate or encourage joy and fellowship. 

Therefore, happiness requires effort we have to learn to change our perception of our sadness in order to see it as a feeling that can be harnessed for transformation and good. 

Choose happiness because it feels good.

Lots of Love. xxx

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